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PRP Mobile Pitching Assessment

Bring PRP to your campus for a full mechanical and spin assessment

with high-speed cameras and Rapsodo 2.0!

This opportunity is for college, high school, and travel programs.  PRP will bring Rapsodo 2.0, Edgertronic, and Sony RX 100V for full video breakdown and spin assessment.  Movement profiles and pitch breakdowns will be categorized for each pitcher with guidance for development.  Videos and breakdowns will be shared with coaching staff.

This is a privately scheduled event that requires a 3-6 hour block depending on the amount of pitchers.  There are multiple options listed below to sign-up:

  1. We come to you!  We arrive at your practice/workout and bring all technology needed.  Each pitcher goes through bullpen and we collect data. Reports will be filed and videos will be shared with guidance for improvement.

  2. Come to Finch Creek Fieldhouse.  Bring your pitching staff and catchers to us and we will reserve space needed for same assessment process.

  3. Follow up assessments are discounted and available only to those who get the program assessed.  We will come back to break down select pitchers to track and monitor progress.

PRP Mobile Assessment + Data = $1199 program fee or $99 paid by athlete (minimum 13)

PRP In-House Assessment + Data = $899

PRP Follow Up = $499 program fee or $75 paid by athlete (minimum 6)

E-mail us at or click the link below to request more information and schedule!

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