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Impactful training and mentoring through the process of success on and off the field.  PRP provides constant assessment, rigorous training, and an unmatched culture to bring passionate athletes to the next level.


prp Off-Season strength training

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This program is designed to build strength, mobility, and power specific to overhead throwing athletes in the non-throwing period of the off-season.

Athletes will be assessed and enter an individualized strength training program with data tracking and nutritional guidance.


Dates - October 21-December 5th (7 weeks)

Days - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Times - 4-5:30, 5:30-7

Ages - 13-18

Cost - $349 unlimited, $229 1x per week

This part of the off-season is arguably the most valuable. We must build strength, power, add good body weight, regain stability and strength in the throwing shoulder, and more. Following a tailored program to ensure your progress can separate you from the competition next spring. This program will lead right into Winter PRP’s strength training while the throwing aspect is on-ramped!


Structured, Age-Specific Arm Conditioning

PRP takes pride in developing the proper individualized program to prepare both the arm and the body for the upcoming season.  This training program allows athletes to learn deficiencies, attack them, and improve all around physical performance.

Cultured Environment

Training in an environment that has every single athlete and coach dedicated to making gains is a priority of PRP.  If you join a program, you are all in.  The intense environment that has everyone cheering on each other allows athletes to take their game to the next level.  


Results Don't Lie

Over the past 4 years, over 80 athletes have committed or are currently playing at the collegiate or professional level under Coach Vogt’s programming.  A 10-week program that prepares you for the season could change your future in the game of baseball.  If anything else, you will find out what hard work and dedication truly is.  Don't lose out on another off-season!

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