PRP Baseball

Impactful training and mentoring through the process of success on and off the field.  PRP provides constant assessment, rigorous training, and an unmatched culture to bring passionate athletes to the next level.


Professional players are invited to spend the off-season training and developing with PRP Baseball at Finch Creek in Noblesville, IN.  Full access to individualized training programming, assessments, arm care, weight training, hitting, pitch design, and use of our high-speed cameras.


PRP has 65,000sq ft of turf, full weight room, Traq programming software, Rapsodo 2.0, and daily communication on data assessment, goal setting, and more.

All athletes will have access to recovery protocols such as Marc Pro and Normatec.

Program Details:

Time Frame - September-February

Time Slots - Individually Scheduled

Cost - Several Options Available - Full access, assessments,

Edgertronic setup.JPG

What to expect: An assessment using high-speed cameras and movement breakdown. A structured throwing and lifting program tailored to your needs. Pitch tracking and assessment from Edgertronic and Rapsodo 2.0.

PRP Goals: Assess, diagnose, train, track, and reassess. Our primary goal is to communicate specific goals and attack those goals on a daily basis. Technology, space, and software are world-class. Our staff will communicate not only what is happening through the tech, but why.

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