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Impactful training and mentoring through the process of success on and off the field.  PRP provides constant assessment, rigorous training, and an unmatched culture to bring passionate athletes to the next level.

PRP Showcase

Find your measurable that scouts and colleges are currently using and implementing with their own players.   This showcase will include a personalized video of performance for your own use and recruiting!

For position players, the PRP showcase include Hit Trax Exit Velocity and Distance off of Machine Pitch, 10 yard dash, 60 yard dash, Pro Agility, Throwing Velocity at Position, Offensive and Defensive grading, and Broad Jump.

For Pitchers, the PRP Showcase includes Rapsodo Spin Assessment, Velocity assessment, pitch grading, movement analysis with high-speed camera, Broad Jump, and 10 yard Dash.

All athletes receive a t-shirt and player video.

Date – Saturday, March 9th
Time – 2-6PM
Cost – $149 Positional, $149 Pitcher, $229 both
Location – Finch Creek Fieldhouse

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Rapsodo is a pitch analytics camera that reads everything from velocity to spin efficiency and pitch movement. It helps pitchers understand their arsenal as well as design better pitch profiles.

Finch Creek Fieldhouse

Finch Creek is PRP Baseball’s home. Nestled between the Noblesville and Fishers communities, Finch Creek Fieldhouse is a multi-sport facility for young athletes, their families, and fans. Conveniently located north of Hamilton Town Center, your fieldhouse includes approximately 65,000 square-feet of turf.

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