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Impactful training and mentoring through the process of success on and off the field.  PRP provides constant assessment, rigorous training, and an unmatched culture to bring passionate athletes to the next level.


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Impactful training and mentoring to produce successful athletes on and off the diamond. The goal of PRP is to build resilient and tough young men who know how to battle through failure by committing to the process of being great. 

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PRP Off-Season Strength Training is enrolling! This program focuses on building strength, power, mobility, and arm health.

It runs 7 weeks from October 21 to December 5th.

Learn more below.

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Individualized Training

Player development is the sole reason for the founding of PRP Baseball.  Athletes that have the passion and resilience to develop their game to the next level will receive high-level training and unmatched dedication from our staff.  

Real development happens here.

Data Driven

PRP uses assessments and data tracking to implement proper programs for all ages and skill levels.  The training will be specific to the goals of each individual athlete with personal and outside research supported modalities.

PRP Baseball continues to add industry leading content and use cases for Rapsodo users across the country. We are excited to see more content and training programs come out from their team to see how Rapsodo can continue helping athletes Measure to Master!
— Seth Daniels, Director of Sales, Rapsodo Inc.
PRP Baseball invests in athletes who invest in themselves. The day to day craft. Those that crush their dreams with hard work. The PRP Staff is dedicated to bettering every single athlete both on and off the field. The game of baseball, and life, will knock you down time and time again. It is about how you respond, not how you fall.
— Greg Vogt, Founder

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