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Impactful training and mentoring through the process of success on and off the field.  PRP provides constant assessment, rigorous training, and an unmatched culture to bring passionate athletes to the next level.

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Getting on a structured training program along with proper assessments at a young age can make or break your baseball career.  Building a foundation of proper throwing mechanics, core stability, and functional movements can lead to a healthy playing career as you mature.

With PRP, we take extreme pride in using proper training protocols with an individualized focus to ensure proper development along your path to the next level.  Aside from physical training, PRP includes a rigorous mental game development for both on and off the field in all of our youth programs.

Success Story #1


Cooper Williams, a 2019 HS grad, has trained with founder Greg Vogt since he was 13.  At 13, he was 67mph on the mound.  In fall of 2017, Cooper was hitting 88mph on the mound and committed to a competitive division 1 program.  With the long-term goals always in his sight, he gained over 50LBS and 20mph in the 4+ years of working together.  His consistent training and structured calendar kept him developing slowly and steadily.   With Cooper's dedication to executing his work outs and being extremely coachable, his development has put him up with the best players in the state of Indiana. 

Success Story #2

Nick Prather was sat 77-79 as a 15 year old.  He checked all the boxes with command, movement, pitch ability, but velocity was average.  After 4 years of training, he entered his senior season sitting 88-91, touching as high as 94 in game.  He finished his senior year with an 11-0 record, 0.97ERA, and 81 strikeouts in 74IP.  He went on to pitch at Florida Atlantic University the next year.

Rapsodo Bullpen Report

Rapsodo Bullpen Report

Rapsodo Use

Using Rapsodo for young pitchers is a great way to develop mechanics, command, and proper spin on all pitches.  Pitchers of all ages can benefit from identifying the spin and movement of their pitch arsenal.  Not only can it be used to develop your game, but it also represents a great long-term tracking tool.  Seeing progress from bullpen to bullpen, season to season, can really show whether or not your work is paying off.


Proper Velocity Development

Everybody wants more velocity.  How to train it properly is the million dollar question that not many can answer.  With proper assessments and structured workouts, PRP takes pride in developing velocity from athletes of all ages and sizes.  We will keep a close eye on development and steady progression of velocity production from a holistic program.

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